Setting up the Ultimate Model Railroad Train Yard with your Kids

Setting up the Ultimate Model Railroad Train Yard with your Kids

When your kids are interested in trains but it’s not your area of expertise, it may be overwhelming to think about constructing a model railroad train yard. This hobby is one that can be built upon as your child ages. It can be changed, upgraded and passed down when your child has children. These helpful organizational tips may make the process a little easier

Model Railroad Train Yard with your Kids

Select a Scene

Talk to your kids about what kind of scene they’d like for the model train yard. Ask them to show you pictures of things they like, scenes they’ve seen or an area they really love. This will give you an idea of how complex the building process will be.

Once the scene is selected; start making a list of materials. Include lists in groups of material type. You may need to visit multiple stores.

Purchase Base Materials

Start purchasing the base materials and measuring your base space. Build your base first and get the first layer of materials down. The first layer will likely be a sturdy piece of plywood. After this, you’ll start laying your landscape and track, without actually affixing anything to the surface.

Construction and Testing

Once your base is laid, it’s time to start placing other materials where they’d likely be staged. If you need a little help, consider watching model railroading tutorials so you can see how each piece connects and how to create a smoothly functioning track. Before making anything permanent, go over the entire design with your kids to make sure it’s the layout they want.

Take photos from above the train yard. Inspect every detail and make sure it’s what you and the kids want for your design. Next, affix all materials to the base and start testing the track’s functionality, switches and any other working/moving parts. When everything is in place, you and the kids are ready to connect trains and enjoy the show.

Closing Thoughts

Once you and the kids have successfully constructed one model train yard, there may be plans for more. This is a hobby that tends to expand and be enjoyed for years. There may be plans for themed scenes, trains around the Christmas tree or even a Halloween themed track. One of the benefits of model train setups is that they keep creativity flowing as new ideas come to mind.