Reliance Jio Will Unveil “Jiofiber” This Diwali—100GB Data at Rs 500

Reliance Jio Will Unveil “Jiofiber” This Diwali—100GB Data at Rs 500

Diwali is the time of joy and light for everybody. Various offers on products and services are an extra bonanza for the public during this season. Currently, looking at the increase in the use of Reliance Jio among the public, it is not at all surprising that the company is coming up with a number of other offers to boost its business in the coming years.

Reliance Jio Will Unveil “Jiofiber” This Diwali—100GB Data at Rs 500

The company has recently come up with an idea of offering the public with a special 100GB data at just about Rs 500. This offer is being referred to as JioFiber by Reliance. It is kind of a commercial broadband service for its users. As a trial, it will first be launched in Pune and Mumbai in order to check its robustness and efficiency. However, there is still no confirmation of when the new offer or service will be unveiled but the offer will surely be an extra advantage for the already existing Reliance Jio users.

There is no doubt the JioFiber’s launch will prove to be a tight competition for the already providing Internet Service Providers. The 100GB data in Rs 500 is like providing double the amount of data in half the price in comparison to the other existing data prices. The market for Jio seems to be blooming in comparison to the home broadband market. Currently, there are about 20 Million broadband users out of which half are BSNL users. Thus, the Wireless broadband market seems to be a very “small market” with only about 200 Million users.

Hence, in order to expand its business, the company has come up with the idea of setting up free trial offers since June 2017 before commercially launching it this Diwali. Additionally, Reliance Industries Limited has plans to bring in 1Gbps broadband in at least 100 cities in India.

Reliance is thus planning to become a silver lining in the dark cloud for its customers or those willing to use its connection. So let’s wait this Diwali to enjoy double the amount of data at just a small price any commoner can afford.