Mobile Application for Sea Search Launched

Mobile Application for Sea Search Launched

The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) located in Hyderabad has designed a mobile application to save property and lives at sea. SARAT is an adaptable equipment that can help with hunting for more than 64 kinds of lost objects, comprising ships, boats, and man-over-board.

The application is rolled out by Rajendra Singh, who is National Maritime Search and Rescue’s (NMSAR) Chairman as well as Board and Director General. The app was launched at Indian Coast Guard last week in New Delhi and will be available on the Google Play Store for download. The SARAT network, previously rolled out in its web variant in 2016, chiefly allows the Indian Navy, the Indian Coast Guard, and Coastal Security Police to minimize hunt time during their several operations in order to minimize injury, loss of life, and property damage.

Mobile Application for Sea Search Launched

On the other hand, in such emergencies, quick reaction is important and therefore this mobile application has been designed to make this structure suitably available to everyone, the INCOIS said to the media in a statement last week. Generated responses and request forms are offered in home languages of all coastal states of the country, so that fishermen can use it with no trouble to hunt when their associate fishermen are in agony.

Users can choose a particular point where the object or person was previously seen using the interactive map of the application or they can choose a close coastal site, bearing angle, and roughly distance travelled, so that the “previously seen” point is evaluated. The most likely search region is then created and transmitted in form of a text message as well as a map.

The SARAT network confirmed its spirit previously by productively helping with the finding of missing Dornier aircraft of Indian Coast Guard in 2015 off Chennai. The system can forecast the most likely search region for up to 5 Days. “Efforts are on to incorporate it with INSAT, the Indian satellite, for relay of information and enhanced real-time transmission,” the statement further added.

Well, one thing is for sure that this app is going to be a boon for thousands of people.