Localities Have Moved Their Power and Phone Lines Underground


While many localities have moved their power and phone lines underground, there are some areas where this isn’t feasible. This may be due to mountainous regions, areas near water, or locations where the surface is too soft to handle digging. In these situations, these very important lines need to be high above ground for security and safety reasons.

As of this writing, almost 180 million wood utility poles are in existence in the United States. As has been the practice for decades, preserved wood poles are the way to go to support these lines of energy and communication. So, companies can’t go to utility pole manufacturer which simply cut down trees and present a product without proper treating.

utility pole manufacturer

To find the right poles, you need to look to proper manufacturers. Many of them, Brown Wood Preserving Company among them, have been preparing these products for decades, so they know the right way to construct them to be both durable and long-lasting. long-lasting.

This is why utility companies need to talk to companies which have been producing these poles long before they decided to put lines underground. They will know the type of wood to use in the pole construction, where to get the proper wood, and the right way to pressure treat it to withstand the elements. Thus, they should be able to identify the proper treatments required to make this happen.

When you’ve completed your research and decided on the company you’re going to use, another thing to consider is how much it will cost you to purchase the poles. Normally, no matter how big or small of a utility company you are, you are going to have to purchase the poles in bulk. This is not simply to do a new install but to also have spares on hand when poles come down to adverse weather conditions or other damage. Overall, the cost of bulk poles should be discounted.

The final thing to look at is the manufacturer’s customer service program, and this can’t be done simply by looking at their website. Go online to see customer reviews or speak to other utility companies in the area which have use the company you’re looking at. Their answers will determine your next course of action.