Keep Your Boat Clean With These Simple Tricks

Keep Your Boat Clean With These Simple Tricks

Even though you may be putting the boat up as the weather cools, the warm weather is around the corner. Hitting the water is much nicer in a clean boat. Here are a few simple tricks that can cut down the cleaning time while leaving you with a beautiful, nice smelling vessel.

Keep Your Boat Clean With These Simple Tricks

Sanitation Systems

If your boat is big enough to have a toilet onboard, you need to make sure you keep that clean. Not only can a boat sanitation system Newport Beach CA keep odors at bay, but they also prevent the spread of illness. Using the right product can make clean up a breeze.

Deck Rinse

Spills happen, but if you clean them up immediately, you don’t spend time scrubbing the deck later. Easily rinse off debris and bait pieces during your trip to prevent it from caking on the deck. Boat soaps formulated for your deck type can make scrubbing faster and easier when you do need a deeper clean.

Water Repellent

A clean windshield helps you see clearly as you move through the water. Avoid those pesky water spots by using a product specifically formulated to repel marine water. They make products for both glass and plexiglass, so choose the right one for your specific material.

Hull Wax

Just like a good wax protects the paint on your car, boat wax protects the hull. Before waxing, clean the hull using a soft scrub brush and non-toxic cleaner. Regular waxing helps you avoid deeper, time-consuming cleaning later. It’s best to wax it before storing or after sitting for a few days in the water. Do be sure to avoid getting wax on the deck.

Upholstery Protection

Boat chairs and benches often feature a vinyl covering. Wipe away the buildup of salt, dirt and grime with a damp cloth before applying a vinyl protectant. The upholstery sits out in the open and can crack and fade with time. Protecting it can extend the life of your boat furniture.