How Wordpress Is Celebrating Its Birth Anniversary With Striking New Features

How WordPress Is Celebrating Its Birth Anniversary With Striking New Features

How WordPress Is Celebrating Its Birth Anniversary With Striking New Features

On 27 May 2018 WordPress will become 15 years old. The WordPress design and development team is actually having great plans to release one of the most impressive and biggest updates to this software ever since 2014. This update would be bringing about some drastic changes to WordPress and that may include an all-new editor. Here are some of the new design styles and features you can expect this year.

How WordPress Is Celebrating Its Birth Anniversary With Striking New Features

Hand-Drawn Graphics

Everybody is aware that you could be using a handwritten font for giving your specific web design a more personal and warmer touch. You could think of using the handwritten font and other hand-drawn basics for infusing life to your site and give an opportunity to the visitors to understand your capabilities.

Daring Color Palettes

Utilizing color psychology could help immensely in improving your web design. Using adventurous color palettes is the way to go. You could be experimental with the colors but you must determine the extent to which you would be juggling with the colors.

Website Push Notifications

Website push notifications would be quite similar to SMS notifications on your mobile; however, these messages would be directly delivered to the website visitors’ desktops. Even though push notifications would not be superseding pop-ups and email marketing, treat it as another effective tool in the arsenal of your site while trying to reach all the visitors practically in real-time. Get in touch with a professional agency such as for perfect solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Revolutionary Typography

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Typography would go through a dramatic change. The web designers are becoming rebellious and trying to replace the traditional with something funkier and adventurous. However, we would not be coming across conventional fonts making up the text’s main body. The header text is certainly going to be a lot jazzier.

Sticky Elements

Web designers are moving away gradually from excessively obtrusive or conspicuous pop-ups and deviating towards the more convenient out-of-the-way pop-ups. Visitors are now bound to become pop-up blind so, this could be a smart move. It is better to use sticky elements and sticky bar to the top and bottom of a website.

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented realities have taken the digital world by the storm. As we are progressing in 2018, we would be encountering many more organizations that would be taking advantage of the amazing augmented reality technology. For giving visitors a more practical experience while they start experimenting and interacting with the products.

Subtle Animation

There are many wonderful ways you could be incorporating animations to your website. You could consider using CSS tools if you are interested in subtle elemental animations. You may alternatively use WordPress plug-ins if you wish to opt for really splendid movements.

Conclusion: A Great Year Ahead

2017 was indeed a wonderful year for WordPress web design and development. 2018 is going to be another great year as many new trends would be witnessed and wonderful features would be incorporated into the amazing WordPress community. WordPress web designing would be reaching new heights and exploring new horizons.

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