How Jewelry Can Help You Secure A Bail Bond

How Jewelry Can Help You Secure A Bail Bond

Bad times seem to always occur when you are low on money. If your spouse is arrested and wants to get out of jail, then you need to find a way to get bail money. You should call a bondsman Adams County Colorado service for help. Read on to find out how jewelry can help you secure a bail bond.

How Jewelry Can Help You Secure A Bail Bond

Ask about Bail Collateral

Bail collateral is an option when you do not have enough money to pay upfront. It is when you use collateral to get a loan from a bail bonds company. Collateral can come in the form of jewelry, a house title, car title or another valuable asset. The item acts as a loan to ensure the defendant shows up to court.

Appraise Your Jewelry

If you are going to use jewelry as collateral, then you should get it appraised. The bonds company will need to know the value of the jewelry. It helps to get the item appraised by a professional appraiser. The appraiser can give you a document showing the appraised value of the jewelry. However, you will have to hand over the jewelry to the appraiser. The jewelry is returned after the trial is over. If the defendant does not show up for court, then the bail bondsman will not return the jewelry.

Pay All Fees

A bail bond agent charges a fee for bailing your spouse out of jail. This fee is usually a percentage of the bail. The amount is usually negotiated between the bondsman and the person who bails out the defendant. If you do not pay the fee, then you cannot get back your collateral until fees are paid off.

An emergency can happen at anytime. You do not always have extra money on hand or can borrow it from someone. Taking out a bail bond is one of the ways to raise money to get someone out of jail.

There are different type of bail bonds. However, many companies are more willing to give a loan when collateral can secure it. Collateral prevents the bail bond company from suffering a financial loss.