Fire Blanket Market

Global Fire Blanket Market Top Players : Tyco International Kidde Safety

Introduction to the Global Fire Blanket Market

A fire blanket is a thin, flexible sheet made of woven glass fiber, flame retardant fibers, or durable wool treated with flame retardant chemicals. The fire blanket is designed to protect against radiant heat and small fires, particularly those that are difficult to extinguish with a fire extinguisher. Fire blankets supplement the protection provided by fire extinguishers.

Water Gel blankets made of woolen fabric are soaked in hydrogel that has the ability to heal burns in addition to extinguishing fires. Electric blankets are advantageous for insulation. Additionally, fire blankets are ideal for use in welding operations. Aluminized fire blankets offer the highest level of protection against molten metal and splashes.

Fire Blanket Market

Larger fire blankets are made of ceramic fiber, asbestos, or fiberglass and are used in laboratories and industries. These fire blankets are not combustible and frequently melt. Silicone rubber coating is applied to fire blankets to prevent fraying and the absorption of oils and chemicals.

When exposed to high temperatures, the silicon rubber coating transforms into a silica refractory crust due to its resistance to hydraulic oils, water, and moisture. Silica-coated blankets are a more environmentally friendly alternative to asbestos and ceramic fibers.

Aluminum coated blankets are reflective blankets that have a protective film applied to them. Due to their physical and thermal properties, fire blankets also serve as insulation covers. Fire blankets are an excellent substitute for wet chemical extinguishers, particularly in areas with hot oils.

Global Market for Fire Blankets: Dynamics

As urbanization progresses and concerns about safety grow, the demand for fire blankets is expected to surge. To avoid costly damages and potential fines to human life and business, the necessity of implementing and adhering to safety codes has made the use of fire protection equipment a global requirement.

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Increased demand for its thermal properties and physical characteristics, as well as an increase in demand for fire protection equipment, will drive the Global Fire Blanket Market, along with an increase in applications across its various end-users.

State and municipal agencies, industrial experts, and infrastructure designers developed fire protection and prevention codes in response to the high number of fire accidents that occur in emerging economies’ industrializations, resulting in loss of life and property. To help reduce this number globally, it is strongly recommended that fire protection equipment be adopted, which creates opportunities for the Global Fire Blanket Market.

Personal protective equipment has become popular. As demand for protective personal equipment increases, the Global Fire Blanket Market will experience significant growth. The Global Fire Blanket Market may grow slowly due to a lack of awareness about this fire protection asset. Additionally, the perception that fire blankets are less productive than other types of fire protection equipment may restrain growth.

Market Segmentation by Material Type for Fire Blankets

Other coatings include: glass fiber Asbestos cotton

Aluminized \Acrylic \Silicone \Others \Applications

End-users requiring a light load to those requiring a heavy load

Plants de fabrication


Services for child care and disaster recovery


Global Fire Blanket Market Outlook by Region

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and other regions are segmented in the Global Fire Blanket Market. Due to rapid urbanization and extensive industrialization, the Asia-Pacific region’s emerging economies of India, China, and Japan are expected to boost the Global Fire Blanket Market. Throughout the forecast period, North America is expected to dominate the Global Fire Blanket Market. Europe comes in second place to North America in terms of market share in the Global Fire Blanket Market.

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Market for Fire Blankets on a Global Scale: Key Players

ECOSAFE SA, Tyco, Texpack, Auburn Manufacturing Inc, ADL Insulflex Inc., BST Thermal Protection Products Co. Ltd, EC Plaza Network Inc, IC International Limited, Honeywell International Inc., Jactone Products Limited, and Water-Jel Technologies are some of the key players in the Global Fire Blanket Market.

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