Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Market

Global Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Market is Set for a Rapid Growth and is Expected to Reach around USD 3.25 Billion by 2022

According to WHO estimates, hypertension affects about 1.28 billion persons worldwide, ranging in age from 30 to 79 years. Approximately 46% of people with hypertension are completely ignorant of their condition. As a result, early identification is crucial for lowering hypertension rates. Blood pressure monitors are required for this. Furthermore, one of the global targets for noncommunicable illnesses is to reduce the occurrence of hypertension by 33%. As a result, all of these factors are anticipated to influence the worldwide blood pressure monitoring devices market’s overall growth in the near future.

The global blood pressure monitoring devices market was worth over US$ 1.5 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2% over the next five years.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Market
Blood Pressure Monitoring Device Market

Diabetes is on the rise, and it’s getting worse. In 2019, more than 1.4 million deaths were directly linked to diabetes, according to WHO estimates. In order to reduce the fatality rate, it is critical to monitor it on a regular basis. Self-monitoring has become a common method of lowering blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure should be measured at least twice a day. As a result, many people are turning to home blood pressure monitoring devices to self-monitor their blood pressure. Patients send their measured data to their physician, who then administers the proper treatment. As a result, the worldwide blood pressure monitoring devices market is expected to rise significantly between 2021 and 2031.

Market Report’s Key Findings

Wrist-type blood pressure monitors with advanced technology will become more popular.
As a result of technical advancements, the rate of use of wearable diagnostic medical equipment has increased. Wrist-type blood pressure monitors are user-friendly and straightforward equipment for measuring blood pressure because of their modest size and sophisticated technology. Blood pressure monitor manufacturers are primarily focused on the creation of novel blood pressure monitors, as well as the manufacturing and design of small equipment. The trend of self-monitoring and the surge in consumers opting for automatic blood pressure monitors are driving the demand for tiny, convenient devices.

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Increased government initiatives in preventive healthcare programmes are expected to boost market growth.

A number of government-led efforts have been launched to reduce hypertension and heart attacks. The India Hypertension Management Effort (IHCI) is a multi-partner initiative with the goal of establishing and scaling up a national hypertension control programme. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hypertension affects one out of every three adult citizens in the United States, and it is the second leading cause of premature death and disability. Although medications and lifestyle changes are both effective and cost-efficient, overall blood pressure control remains unsatisfactory, which is anticipated to benefit the worldwide blood pressure monitoring devices market.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is leading the “Million Hearts” effort, which is co-led by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The organisation aligns and coordinates its operations to achieve hypertension control rates of above 70% through patient communication, advancements in health information technology, and electronic health records.

Market Drivers for Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices
Mental stress, alcohol consumption, a lack of physical activity, and a poor diet all contribute to an early rise in blood pressure, necessitating the usage of blood pressure diagnostic instruments.

As a result of significant technological advancements in the industry, many new functionalities are being added to blood pressure monitors. Bluetooth, colour codes to signal the need for monitoring, and heart rhythm monitoring are just a few of the features that are driving the worldwide blood pressure monitoring device market forward.

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Sphygmomanometers are the most common blood pressure monitoring devices.

Sphygmomanometers made of mercury

Sphygmomanometers that are aneroid

Sphygmomanometers (Digital)

Blood Pressure Monitors That Work Automatically

Monitors for ambulatory blood pressure

Transducers for measuring blood pressure

End-user Hospitals & Clinics, Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Market

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are surgical facilities that are open to the public.

Arrangements for Homecare

Healthcare modernization, both in terms of infrastructure and services, has propelled the industry to new heights. The worldwide cardiopulmonary stress testing systems market is expected to be driven by pectoris during the forecast period.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Market: During the projected period, the blood pressure cuffs market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 8%. In the near future, a significant increase in the number of programmes to prevent strokes and other cardiovascular problems will play a key role in increasing the adoption of automated blood pressure cuffs.