Facebook Working on Tech That Will Allow You to ‘Hear With Your Skin’

Facebook Working on Tech That Will Allow You to ‘Hear With Your Skin’

Facebook has been in talks lately for many reasons. The company was in limelight due to its dominance on the smartphone applications market. All the company-owned apps, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, are among the top 5 apps that are most downloaded all over the world.

Facebook Working on Tech That Will Allow You to ‘Hear With Your Skin’

Later the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, made his own artificial intelligence assistance, Jarvis. The CEO said that this AI was based and inspired from the well known and popular movie Iron Man. Jarvis is able to perform basic things such as to play music, verify guests, allow entry to them, and other stuff.

Now, the company has decided to do something new. And to back up this decision, the company has declared that they are working on a unique technology that will help the humans to hear with their skin. Do not get confused. You read the right words!!! HEAR WITH YOUR SKIN!!! This seems something weird, strange, and next to impossible. Right?

The technology could be handy for deaf people to be in touch, but the company also predicts it as a method to upgrade communications skills for public who do not have any hearing problem, permitting for such stuff as a discussion to be mechanically interpreted into different languages. Building 8 research group of Facebook is the one that is developing the technology. The team is guided by Regina Dugan, former head of the experimental research group of Google and ex-DARPA director. The company was  little unclear about the details of how the technology will operate. It seems like the technology will not fairly permit anyone to “hear” a word, but to sense a tremor linked with it that they can eventually understand and learn.

“One day in the near future, it might be promising for me to understand in Spanish and for you to sense it right away in Mandarin,” Dugan said. “Picture the power such ability would give to the people all over the globe who cannot write or read but who can surely feel and think.”

Well, this is what, in true sense, is called technology.