Exablate Neuro Approved With 1.5T Scanners

Exablate Neuro Approved With 1.5T Scanners

INSIGHTEC, the producer and manufacturer of focused MR-guided ultrasound systems outside Israel, has been provided with FDA authorization to have its Exablate Neuro system together with 1.5 Tesla MRI of GE Healthcare to be employed for curing necessary quaver in patients not adequately reacting to drugs. Employing MRI to image and targeting the thalamic nucleus of ventral intermediate present in the brain, the system offers attentive beams of ultrasound that ablate the tissue exclusive of having to release up the cranium.

Exablate Neuro Approved With 1.5T Scanners

The 1.5 T indication is different from the earlier expected 3.0T authorization, and engages a separate head coil of MR. The significance of the latest authorization is that it permits hospitals with 1.5 T MRI tools, of which there are a large number more than 3.0 T, to also provide focused MR-guided ultrasound processes.

Exablate Neuro, INSIGHTEC’s neurosurgery solution, is the primary attentive ultrasound tool accepted by the FDA to cure patients suffering from vital quaver. Exablate Neuro is an image-guided and non-invasive personalized thalamotomy, cured via an integral skull that does not need any incisions, ionizing radiation, or implants.

Focused high intensity ultrasound waves accurately target a focal point in the thalamus’ Vim nucleus, the minute section of the brain that is considered to be accountable for causing quavers. The Exablate Neuro ultrasound transducer comprises of 1024 rays that produce sufficient heat to ablate the focused tissue at the time of treatment. The consequence is a significant and immediate decrease of tremor for patients.

During curing and planning for necessary quaver, the patient is completely aware and lying in an MRI scanner on the treatment bed. MRI offers visualization in high resolution, treatment planning that is patient-specific, and nonstop monitoring of the process. Real-time thermal feedback permits the physician to adjust and control the therapy, making sure that the focused tissue is entirely ablated exclusive of affecting adjacent healthy tissue.

This non-invasive, revolutionary treatment provides a life changing therapy to patients with necessary quaver. The company has claimed to make this treatment commercial and will be available for public use in the coming period thus giving a sign of relief for those suffering from necessary quaver.