Common Health Issues And Ailments

Common Health Issues And Ailments That You Can Address By Getting The Right Mattress

Mattresses can be quite helpful for people with back ailments. A good mattress can provide relief and comfort to your body, especially your spine when you sleep. Thus it improves the comfort level of your sleep to give you a better sleeping experience. It can affect the spine too by providing excellent support and improving your blood circulation. Hence, people with back problems can make use of a suitable mattress to help them cure their back aches. In this article, you will learn about the different type of beds that are suitable for different types of back problems and how you should sleep on them.

Common Health Issues And Ailments

Lumbar disc problems

People who have a lumbar disc problem show symptoms like an acute pain in one of their legs from their lower back to their lower legs accompanied with numbness, and this can lead to a weakening of the legs. People with this problem would find a firm mattress highly beneficial because a bed which is bending or even flexing can cause them much discomfort.

Spinal Stenosis

People who have spinal stenosis suffer from pain and numbness in their backs, arms, and legs and they would feel better sleeping in a flexed position. Thus a softer mattress works best for them. A mattress which is medium firm is useful for relieving from chronic back pains.

Lower back pain

People who suffer from lower back pains should opt for a mattress that they feel supportive and comfortable to use and will give them a good night’s sleep because there isn’t a specific style that is designed for them yet.

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Change your sleeping position

Along with the ailment which is affecting you, it is also essential to understand which sleeping position you follow. In case you have lumbar disc problems then you can consider sleeping right on your stomach and putting a flat pillow underneath your belly will be most comfortable as it will reduce the stress on the bad disc inside your lower back. Firm mattresses are best for sleeping on the side of your stomach, but softer mattresses will create an uncomfortable arching position in your back when you are sleeping, and that will only worsen your ailment.

If you have spinal stenosis then sleeping in the fetal position is best for you with a soft pillow in between your knees. Many people use thick padding in their mattress to lessen the pressure on their hips.

You can consider researching further regarding the cooling factors in a mattress and the healing effects and health benefits they can provide you.


Mattresses have many health benefits. The firmer the mattresses are, the better they are for your back. These beds not only help in enhancing your sleeping experience and giving you a good night’s sleep but they also improve your overall health. A good mattress can help solve your spinal ailments, and they can enhance blood circulation too. Hopefully, this article will help you in deciding which mattress suits your back best.