Back Up Your PC

Back Up Your PC

Have you ever felt the need to back up your PC? Well, there may be various reasons. It might be shifting from one machine to another, or giving it to a friend. And most important of all, you do not need any reason to back up your PC. You must make it a habit so that it might come handy in emergency cases. Here are some ways as to where you can backup your PC.

Back Up Your PC

On external drive

Backing up on an external drive is the most common way. On Windows 10 and Windows 8, you can use the File History feature for backing up. In case of Windows 7, use Windows Backup feature. In Macs, use Time Machine in order to back up your stuff. The backing up process on an external drive is the most affordable and common process. It is also the fastest way used for back up. But, even though it is fast and affordable, there is a high chance of misplacing the drive or losing it.

On Cloud

This is the best way of backing up your stuff. Backing up your PC on cloud is the most reliable method so far. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or others for backing up your stuff. This method of backing is fast, easy, and reliable. Even though there are many advantages of Cloud back up process, most of the cloud service providers give only few gigabytes of space at the beginning and then the service goes paid.

Well friends, the above-mentioned two methods are most commonly used. Hence, you can now start backing up your PC. Also, it is not necessary to back up only on one place. Backing up your stuff at multiple places is a smart move.

So start backing up your PC to avoid further loss.