Baahubali-Themed Stickers Available On Messenger

Baahubali-Themed Stickers Available On Messenger

Due to the rising fame and shattering collection at the box-office of the movie “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion,” social media platform Facebook last week rolled out elite animated stickers for its app—the Messenger.

Baahubali was not just a success on the big screen, but also on Facebook, recording more than 10 Million communications on its platform in a timeframe of just 5 months. Right from the launch, the sticker bunch has been relatively a success with 13.4 Million downloads within a span of 1 week.

Baahubali-Themed Stickers Available On Messenger

To make more murmur on the platform, a marketing operation was introduced to operate solely on Facebook, below the ploy of “Why Kattapa Killed Baahubali?,” a suspense that was due from the first part of the movie. This was also the subject of the Messenger bot—one more marketing tool employed to keep the fans busy.

Users landing on the bot got a chance to connect in a fan quiz to be acquainted with more about the characters in the movie and stand an opportunity to win exciting prizes. The bot was accessible in five languages, to attract global audiences and was published on both the Kattapa and Baahubali pages.

During the time of the marketing campaign of the movie, there has been 7 times increment in the whole number of connections on Facebook page of Baahubali, increasing to 10 Million from Jan–May, 2017 from 1.5 Million in Nov–Dec, 2016. More users have connected the chat around this movie making a record.

The team of Baahubali also utilized Facebook Live to formally declare the movie music launch, release date, and other key events at the time of its promotional crusades. Just before the release, the original trailer launch of the movie wrapped almost 45 Million chats and comments in total along with more than 22 Million views.

As a fraction of the extending franchise, profile frames of Baahubali were also rolled out during the launch of the movie, along with comics of Baahubali developed employing Facebook canvas.

Well, let us see as to how much more creativity Facebook puts, indirectly contributing to the overall collection by the movie.