Apple Giving Tough to Snapchat and Facebook with Clips

Apple Giving Tough to Snapchat and Facebook with Clips

By releasing the new video app named as Clips, Apple has taken one step further in the world of messaging, wherein the vast group of iPhone users will be contributing in the competition against Facebook’s Messenger and Snapchat.

According to the sources, Clips will be available on the Apple’s App Store by April. This new video app allows its users to take videos and include titles and animated captions inclusive of colorful emojis. The app also has the feature of combining more than one video clips and also add filters and speech bubbles.

Apple Giving Tough to Snapchat and Facebook with Clips

But, did you notice one thing? Clips functions are very much similar to those of Snap’s Stories feature, which is very popular. With Stories feature, Snap users twine together videos and photos, embroider them, and then can post this embroidered output to the feeds.

With the Apple’s new video app, users can post their videos to Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and many others. In case, the users post videos to Apple’s Messages app, the they will be given option by Apple to select the privacy of the video and allow them to choose the group with whom to share the video, based on who is in the video and who is the frequently contacted friend—the same type of predictive social feature Facebook is expert in.

Apple has a wide base of users for Messages—the best app built into the iPhone’s iOS 10 software, specifically for short notes. Apple has not revealed how many users use this app, but it surely has said that there are over 1 Billion iOS devices in the market and almost 79% of the devices run iOS 10.

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According to Apple, Messages is the popular and frequently used app on iOS devices, which gives the company approximately 800 Million users for this latest messaging platform. On the other hand, Snap has almost 161 Million active users on daily basis and that Facebook has over 1 Billion users for both WhatsApp and Messenger. Though Clips competitor will be technically a distinct app from that of Messages, it will be joined closely to it for its feature to share Clips videos with Apple users.

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