Alcohol Abuse Can End Your Life

Alcohol Abuse Can End Your Life

What starts as a social release can quickly turn into an addiction. Alcohol misuse can become addictive, and when you can’t stop yourself from drinking alcoholic beverages every day and in large quantities, you will soon discover what a great remover alcohol is too. It removes stains, family, money, and friends. While this may sound preachy, and you may feel quite defensive when you read this, the reality is that consuming something potentially bad for your body every single day of your life is not a great idea. Simply put, alcohol is not good for you, especially when it’s consumed in large quantities.

Alcohol Abuse Can End Your Life

Apart from the social and financial implications of being an alcoholic, the cost to your health could be far more devastating. Constant alcohol consumption could lead to:

  • Brain Shrinkage

When your brain is constantly being polluted with alcohol, your frontal lobes will shrink, which can lead to memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, you could also suffer blackouts, and your personality may change due to clarity of thinking being influenced. This can have a wide-ranging impact on your cognitive thinking.

  • Increased Risk of Cancer

With heavy alcohol consumption comes an increased risk of cancers of the throat, mouth, and esophagus. In female drinkers, breast cancer also becomes more prevalent.

  • Increased Risk of Infections

Alcohol isn’t good for your immune system as alcohol tends to leach vitamins from your body. This means that when you drink heavily, your body will be less prepared to fight off bacterial and viral infections. You become more at risk of pneumonia and lung infection due to your heavy drinking.

  • Tummy Trouble

When your stomach lining is exposed to alcohol regularly, it becomes agitated. Alcohol burns! Just spill some on a cut, and you will instantly realize this. With regular alcohol consumption, you can expect your stomach lining to form ulcers, and other digestive disorders will begin to plague you.

  • Break More Bones

Alcohol isn’t kind to your bones either. Drinking leads to osteoporosis, and you can expect to break more bones and suffer arthritis earlier in life as a result of cartilage damage. Not to mention the risk of falling down while inebriated and as a result breaking arms and legs.

  • Diabetes Dramas

With heavy drinking comes exposure to increased sugar levels. You will note that most alcoholic beverages are rich in carbs, so your body will become confused about how much sugar it should absorb and what it should excrete. This leads to poor blood sugar levels, insulin spikes, and finally, diabetes. As a wonderful bonus, alcohol consumption also leads to kidney and liver damage. This is often due to the excessive sugar intake that comes with alcohol.

  • The Runs

Drinking large and regular quantities of alcohol, not only damages the stomach lining, but also strips away the protective layering of the intestinal tract, leading to poor food absorption and diarrhea. This will further remove valuable nutrients from the body, leading to malnutrition and your organs not receiving the nourishment they require.

Make the change today. Take a look at the glass in your hand, and ask yourself whether this is just a drink or your life. Can you cut back or stop drinking altogether? Alcoholics have physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. If you stop drinking and suddenly experience blurred vision, headaches, sweating, nausea, or mood swings, you are an alcohol addict, and you need help.

Shaking alcoholism is not easy, especially since it’s such a socially acceptable drug. Rehab centers such as can help you learn the skills of resisting future use, rebuild your life, and develop coping mechanisms to help you manage the stressors in life that may have driven you to drinking in the first place.