5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Buy A Refrigerator

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Buy A Refrigerator

Over the years manufacturers have reinforced refrigerators with features such as vegetable crispers, rat meshes, icemakers and antibacterial gaskets to offer superior protection. So, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling adequately or is too small for your growing family, it is time to upgrade. When doing so, there are several factors that you need to consider. Read on to know what these factors are.

  1. Size and capacity

It is always important to consider the size and capacity of the refrigerator. Fridges are available in various capacities like 253l, 350l or even 800l. Depending on your food storage requirements and the space available in your home, you can choose a size that works for you. However, also keep in mind that the higher the capacity of the refrigerator, the more electricity it will consume.

  1. Type of storage

The number of shelves available in your refrigerator determines how much food you will be able to store. Typically, refrigerators come with a combination of shelves, racks and sections that you can use for various purposes. Ensure that these are in line with the kind of storage that you’re looking for. This means that if you store several types of beverages, you will need to select a model that has ample space to store bottles of water, juices and other beverages, or has high shelves that will help you store bottles and jugs.

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  1. Additional features

Depending on the brand that you opt for, a refrigerator is likely to come with several other features like a water dispenser, wine cooler, ice machine, freezer situated at the bottom and in some cases, even an in-built coffee maker! Compare refrigerators keeping these features in mind, and select the ones that match your lifestyle and budget.

  1. Power consumption

Refrigerators feature energy ratings that measure their power-efficiency. If you seek to cut down on your electricity bills in the long run, it is important to select a refrigerator that offers an energy rating of at least 3, if not 5 stars. Alternatively, you can also select a refrigerator with an inbuilt inverter and stabiliser for enhanced protection and durability.

  1. Type of refrigerator

There are various types of refrigerators available in the market, be it direct cool, frost-free, single door, double door or twin door, which is ideal if you need a lot of space and easy access to the fridge’s contents. There are several points of difference between the types, so consider each ones pros and cons before making a decision. For example, direct cool refrigerators are more energy-efficient, and so, if power saving is a priority, you should go for these refrigerators. On the other hand, if you don’t think you will use the freezer much, a single door refrigerator is ideal, and more affordable too.

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