5 Best Cities That Present The True Beauty Of Sikkim

5 Best Cities That Present The True Beauty Of Sikkim

Sikkim is the smallest state in India but is nowhere small when it comes to the natural beauty it possesses. Located in the North-eastern part of India, Sikkim is the entrance of what one calls Natural havens. Not only the landscapes of the state has been the hot-spot for tourists, but its well-kept culture, traditions, warmth, and more have fascinated people. Though many parts and towns of Sikkim cannot be accessed due to safety or other reasons, you still have a lot to discover. Sikkim’s beauty is unparalleled with the picturesque hills favoring the beautiful valleys. It simply seems to be a part that is of another world.

5 Best Cities That Present The True Beauty Of Sikkim

However, for tourists, it gets hard to explore all the cities and towns even of the smallest state. So, we are sharing below the top 5 cities or towns that present the true beauty of Sikkim.

  • Gangtok

The capital city of Sikkim is extremely beautiful. Covered in clouds, Gangtok is a must visit the city in the state. One can also book Gangtok tour packages to explore the city in a much better way. One can have the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga almost from every part of Sikkim, but Gangtok has it in an exceptional way. The entire image of the city comes straight from the imagination. The place also offers a base for many trekkers to Himalayan. To get the best of the city, try exploring it by walking. It will feel like that you are leading to some heavenly adobe.

  • Ravangla

Ravangla has to be the second name in the list for its picture-perfect views of Mountains. Ravangla is a small town located in the South of Sikkim. The entire town is nestled amongst the mountains and the view will follow you wherever you go. Tourists visiting Sikkim make sure that they are visiting Ravangla for it provides a soothing ambiance and green backdrop. It also serves as the trekking point for trekkers.

  • Lachung

Lachung takes the beauty of hill station to another level. It is the snow destination for tourists. The town is small, but excel in natural beauty. It receives frequent rainfalls and snowfalls as well. One can get a pleasing view of snow-capped mountains with greenery everywhere. The town is also the home to Yumthang Valley.

  • Yuksom

Yuksom is another amazing place to visit in Sikkim and the place is not only famous for providing a view of natural splendor, but for its rich history. The town witnessed the crowning of the first Chogyal in the year 1642. The historic town is far away from the city life and the heaven for trekkers for there are many uninterrupted trekking paths.

  • Zuluk

Though Zuluk is one of the best places in Sikkim, it stays unexplored even to this date. Zuluk is a very small but special village in Sikkim and is located on a very high elevation. It also has a rich history as it was connected to silk route. One can enjoy the untouched beauty of nature with snow-capped mountains and greenery everywhere.

Sikkim is the treat for Nature lovers, and it enjoys the natural beauty in the best way. One can actually realize the true worth of nature and how it seems when staying untouched by humans.