4 Main Divorce Types That Can Be Handled In Developed Countries

4 Main Divorce Types That Can Be Handled In Developed Countries

Divorce is usually a stressful experience for all parties involved; the two partners and their children if any according toforbes.com . The disagreement between the involved parties and their sense of understanding towards each other highly determines what course their divorce process will take. The course the divorce takes determines how long the divorce proceeding will take and the parties that will actively and passively participate towards the finalization of that divorce case. According to divorce lawyers in Houston TX, the following are the main divorce types that they contend with from day to day.

4 Main Divorce Types That Can Be Handled In Developed Countries

  1. Contested Divorce

This type of divorce happens when a husband and wife cannot come to an agreement concerning matters that surround the divorce including: child custody, child support and division of assets and debts. In such cases involving divorce in Texas, a Houston family lawyer will work with both parties individually to help them come to plausible agreement that suits them and their children. If that agreement proves to be difficult, then the involved parties must take the case to court by filing law suits and get individual lawyers to defend each of them before a judge. This is often a long process that requires to be followed up diligently so that the divorce is finalized properly.

  1. Uncontested Divorce

In this divorce type, the husband and the wife are able to agree on a variety of family matters including both child support and child custody. For child custody, the husband and wife agree on a schedule that each of them can spend with their children based on their scheduled and those of their children. A lawyer’s job in this case is to help the involved parties go through the agreement and confirm that it is per their agreement. All documents concerning the couple including health insurance and account statements are brought along during finalization of the divorce procedure.

  1. High Net Worth Divorce

This type of divorce involves spouses that have high incomes and must value and allocate complex assets in the divorce. Such a divorce can worsen the already present disagreement than an average family law cases. In this case the spouses need to involve an experienced high asset divorce lawyer who can help reduce the conflict, negotiate fair settlements and be able and ready to litigate issues in courts. These disagreements if not guided by the high asset divorce lawyer can quickly lead to a contested divorce that mostly ends in a court case.

  1. International Family Law Cases

This final type of divorce involves two or more countries. Usually residents of the United States residing abroad seek to litigate custody and settle the divorce in the United States. If United States is the litigation country for such a case, then the case can take the course of either of the above highlighted courses and a finalization reached. The spouse can the resume their normal countries of residence.

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