Drone Photography: The Futuristic Method of Capturing

Drone Photography: The Futuristic Method of Capturing

Our world is filled with loads of surprises either gifted by Mother Nature or artificially developed by human by their level of intelligence and creativity. If you look around the use of drones has been significantly elevated for capturing those mesmerizing moments. It has made its place firm into various fields, where it can be efficiently applied and comes with fruitful output.  And if you plan to introduce it for the photography, you are on right track. Drone based photography will soon capture the photography industry and will be preferred as prominent photography equipment.

Drone Photography: The Futuristic Method of Capturing

Starting from scratch

Starting with a small and pocket friendly drone camera for your entry level training is recommended, as you may crash most of the time though it looks easy. The hardware malfunction is one of the common reasons for the crash. Once you have hands on the controls go for the better one like DJI’s phantom line.

Sky has no limits but flying has

The device has its own limitations and the perimeter over which you may fly might have an anti-drone board too, which means drones aren’t allowed in those specific areas.

Now let’s talk something about how to and what guidelines should be followed while taking some aerial pictures and videos.

  • Always shoot at with low ISO to avoid noise in image.
  • Set your white balance before you roll out as ignoring it may produce color shift while flying.
  • Use neutral density filters to achieve slow shutter speed on a sunny day, and light coming into the camera should be controlled, and that exactly what ND filter does.
  • Check the battery levels before it takes the flight.
  • Calibrate the compass at every new location.
  • Tighten up the props.

And one important thing is practice, practice, practice till you fly and shot like a pro.