While balancing, climbing and tumbling, children will build


Arts Huntsville commissioned local watercolor artist Starr Weems to create the Panoply 2016 poster art. Weems’ dreamy, rainbow hued “Panoply Reflections” evokes the festival’s creative vibe and spring setting. Weems’ work has been shown at outlets including Kentuck Museum, Lowe Mill and Birmingham Public Library and she’s served as an art educator at Ardmore High School for 15 years..

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Canada Goose Parkas Philadelphia School ofCircusArts (5900A Greene Street) invites children to turn theirsummerupside down literally during full day “SummerCircusCamp.” Children five years old and up will train in static trapeze, aerial silks, juggling, plate spinning, tightwire walking, clowning and acrobatics. Activities also include performance classes, co operative games, and special guest artists. While balancing, climbing and tumbling, children will build strength and flexibility, learn new skills, and increase their confidence. Canada Goose Parkas

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