Post H1-B visa constraints—Infosys hiring 10,000 US workers in next 2 years

Post H1-B visa constraints—Infosys hiring 10,000 US workers in next 2 years

Infosys Ltd., an IT services firm based in India, is in plans to hire almost 10,000 workers from the United States in the coming 2 years and open 4 new technology centers in the United States. Of these 4 new centers, the first will be starting in Indiana this August.

The move probably was noticeable when Infosys and other Indian tech giants such as Wipro Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Services were politically targeted in the United States for supposedly crowding out the jobs of US workers by bringing the foreigners (on temporary visas) to fulfill their clients’ service requirement in the country.

Donald Trump, the US President, has instructed the federal agencies to evaluate the H1-B visa program—on which the IT service firms extremely rely on. Though outsourcing firms in India have hired in the United States, Infosys is the first firm who has come up with a specific hiring numbers and also has given a timeline following the Trump’s visa review.

Indian IT service firms are always on top among the list of H1-B recipients annually. These firms usually overflow the lottery system every year with numerous applications. Indian IT industry heads and politicians have been influencing the US officials and lawmakers from the Trump administration to not bring any extreme changes to the visa rules, as this can hamper $150 Billion Indian IT service sector. However, the number 10,000 decided for new US jobs will only contribute to a tiny part of Infosys’ entire workforce of over 200,000.

According to Infosys, the 4 hubs that are planned will not only encompass innovation and technology focus areas but will also directly serve clients in various sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and energy, and financial services.

Further, the company also revealed that the first hub opening in Indiana this August is anticipated to open up almost 2,000 jobs by 2021. However, Infosys didn’t reveal any of the financial impacts of the plans. It refused to comment anything on the piece of information whether the planned and deliberated US jobs will be accounting for a greater share of the overall hiring in the next 2 years.

On the other hand, the Infosys shares went down less than 1% in midday trading in India after the news of the US hiring plans went viral.