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The staffing needs to accommodate the influx are exacerbating an already acute housing shortage, Canning said.’Most people who are looking for a job in town tend to be on their own.’ Banff councillor Grant CanningTown council has made housing a priority and is expecting an affordable housing complex to open late next year, he said.The town currently has had a zero per cent vacancy rate for several years.Meanwhile, low wage earners are left with few options and often are forced to resort to couch surfing, camping in public places or resting until dawn in all night fast food restaurants.Josh Smith arrived in Banff from New Brunswick in June. He’s checking online listings every day for a place to rent. (Falice chin/CBC)Josh Smith of New Brunswick, who spoke out about the crisis on canada goose outlet cheap canada goose Monday, found a job almost immediately when he arrived in Banff and now makes $15 an hour.

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