” It attacks his opponent, Democrat Charlie Melancon, over


wholesale nfl jerseys from china Earlier this week, Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle put out an anti immigrant ad that used some of the same images of “scary looking” immigrants as an ad launched by Louisiana Senate Republican David Vitter.Now Vitter has yet another anti immigrant ad running, and this one is even worse than the previous one or Angle’s. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Louisiana is blasting the new ad, “Welcome Prize,” as “demeaning” and “racist.” It attacks his opponent, Democrat Charlie Melancon, over illegal immigration, and features a group of immigrants running along side a fence, only to be greeted by a sign that says “Charlie Melancon welcomes you to the USA!” and “bievenidos a los USA!” There is also a group of smiling people holding a giant check payable to “illegals.”Timothy Geithner’s signature is a nice touch. There is a black woman among the people holding the “bienvenidos” sign, so this ad is slightly more diverse than the other race baiting immigration ads we’ve seen this week.Aside from reproducing a number of racial stereotypes, the ad is also pretty misleading. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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