“I felt like it was my time to contribute


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Hermes Replica Bags “That’s why this program is so important.”Sometimes, simple preventive medicine can ward off a more serious problem later on, she said.Also, federal mandates calling for the mainstreaming of students with medical disabilities mean an increasing number of “medically fragile children” in county schools, she replica hermes www.designer-replica-hermes.com/ more about Hermes Replica bags said.”We will see more students with respirators and wheelchairs, students who need tube feedings, who have had colostomies,” she said.To help with the demand for service, the Anne Arundel program will provide a full time health assistant along with the nurse at each high school served. Each middle and elementary school will have a full time health assistant, and there will be one nurse for every two schools.Even with the 16 schools added, 90 will be without nurses. The state Board of Education, which passed the School Health Standards calling for the services in 1991, has recommended that all counties have in school nursing programs by the 1995 1996 school year.Anne Arundel might not have the entire school system covered by then, but “we’re moving toward it,” Ms Hermes Replica Bags.