How To Access The Hidden Wiki?

How To Access The Hidden Wiki?

Wikis have been a powerful tool for the internet users. As per definition, a wiki is a website or a database created by the collaboration of community users, where any user can add or edit content. With the advent of the dark web, many people try to search how to access the hidden wiki. There are certain steps involved in accessing a hidden wiki. But we need to understand a little bit about the hidden wiki first.

How To Access The Hidden Wiki


What are hidden wikis?

Hidden wiki are the censorship-resistant wikis operated on the dark web like deep web sites and darknet markets.  Anyone registered on these wikis can anonymously edit and add information. One of the major hidden wiki is the Tor hidden services. Previously, the hidden wikis were controlled by via .onion pseudo top level domain, and it could be accessed using Tor or Tor gateways.

One of the major and perhaps the most prominent feature of this hidden wiki was the community maintained link directory, which directed users to various other hidden services which includes illegal activities as well as criminal activities. The rest of the uncensored wiki was also a primary hub for child pornography and other such abusive images.

What you need to know about Tor?

Tor is a US Navy developed network project. Tor is abbreviated as ‘The Onion Network’. There were several rumors around that the US Navy used Tor to share top-secret US government intelligence data.

What exactly is the Onion Network? It can be defined as a network of users on the internet who are interconnected with each other, and also protect each other from third party monitoring. The entire network is wrapped and weaved together like layers of an onion (hence the name The Onion Network). In essence, packets flowing around the Tor network have a multitude of location layers, and this packet keeps on moving randomly onto the network. This makes tracing of that packet a difficult task.

Steps involved in accessing the Hidden Wiki

You cannot use a conventional web browser like Chrome or Firefox, but you still need them for downloading and running Tor.

Download Tor from their official website This will be your first step to access the hidden wiki.

Double click on Tor and extract it to the required folder. The below steps must be followed on how to access the hidden wiki.

Go to the extracted folder and double click on ‘Start Tor Browser’. This will open up your default web browser with a message ‘Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor.’

Please be aware that using Tor is not 100% anonymous, and you may still require using certain proxies and taking other such steps like a decent firewall and antivirus program installed onto your system. You can however access .onion and the hidden wiki.

For safety measures, it is advised that you disable your webcam, java script cookies and any temporary data you may have stored for your web browser.

Paste the given URL into your web browser and you are good to go.


Congratulations! You have arrived into the underground world of the dark web. Although many people believe that accessing the dark web is a tedious and complicated task, yet it is not the truth. Understanding the technicalities of accessing the dark web is of utmost importance to be safe while browsing on this part of the internet.

What all can you search for on the Tor network?

The Tor network is a fantastic place to search for information and data not available on the normal internet. After you have entered the URL given in the above section, you can find the ‘Hidden Wiki’ link at the bottom left corner. Click on it and enjoy surfing the dark web via the wiki. You will find some really fantastic as well as scary data on the dark web.

The Last Words

Above-mentioned were the steps involved in accessing the hidden wiki. It is really important to be cautious while accessing the hidden wiki. You might fall into trouble if you access any malicious website or a site storing your private information. Ensure that you are using the right security measures while accessing the hidden wiki.