“Greggs is now several years into its food on the go strategy


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canada goose jackets sale In terms of opportunity, we want to get to 2,000 stores and have 1,806 now, so we will get as many as we can where the costs stack cheap canada goose up.”Greggs is now several years into its food on the go strategy which has seen healthier options added to the menu.Its aim to reach customers in the most convenient way possible has also seen shops reformatted and ‘flexed to fit space’ by launching kiosks, forecourt shops and larger shops with comfortable cafe seating.’We’ve never shouted about what we do at Pukka Pies and that’s make great products’Greggs Delivered, the business to business delivery service for food platters, is still being piloted in London, Newcastle and Manchester, but home delivery for general customers is still a way away, although Mr Whiteside said he is closely watching McDonald’s home delivery service tie in with Uber.He said: “On home delivery, if you’d asked me a few years ago I couldn’t see there being demand. Now I can see there is demand, but now it needs to be proved we can make money from it. I’m one step closer to it.”. canada goose jackets sale

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