Click for full scheduleWeather took stage at home plate as the


Replica Hermes Birkin Tickets are $50. Advance payment is required. 301 377 7817. Click for full scheduleWeather took stage at home plate as the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team hosted Citizens Bank Weather Education Day Wednesday at the home of the Phillies. (Published Thursday, May 19, 2016)NBC10 personalities will be at the home of the Phillies Wednesday afternoon for the second annual Citizens Bank Weather Education Day Presented by NBC10 First Alert Weather.NBC10 First Alert Weather team members Bill Henley, Sheena Parveen, Violeta Yas and chief meteorologist (and huge Phillies fan) Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz will provide an educational experience focused on weather that all students will enjoy. Hundreds of busloads of area students about 11,000 rally towel waving children in total came to the ballpark for the demonstrations before the Phils faced the Miami Marlins.. Replica Hermes Birkin

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