Capillary Underfill Material Market Forcasted for Accelerated Growth by 2024

Capillary Underfill Material Market Forcasted for Accelerated Growth by 2024
Capillary Underfill Material Market
Capillary Underfill Material Market

The underfill materials are the fused formulations of the organic polymers and the inorganic fillers. It is used widely in the semiconductor packaging in order to obtain a good quality of the thermomechanical property. The polymer adhesives that are used in the underfill materials distribute evenly the mechanical stress at the joint owing to the change in the thermal expansion factors. Abundant phenolic and amine-based epoxy is used in the semiconductor packaging sector for the underfill materials. Some of the techniques that are used in the underfill materials include capillary underfill, molded underfill, and no flow underfill.

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The Henkel provided advanced capillary flow underfill materials for the CSP, flip chip, and the BGA devices which help in lowering the stress gives an enhanced performance and improves the reliability. It is required for the flip chip applications so that the stress is redistributed away from the joints of the solder which helps in extending the cycle life and the thermal aging.

The global market for the capillary underfill material is fragmented into its product type and application. On the basis of the product type, the global market is segregated into molded underfill material, no flow underfill material and others. On the basis of application, the market is categorized into chip scale packaging, flip chips, ball grid array, and others.

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The key factor that is driving the capillary underfill material market is the latest advancements that are made in the electronic sector. In the semiconductor packaging industry, reworkability and high thermal constancy is the characteristics that are preferred for the underfill material. It is used in several packaging techniques which include ball grid array, chip scale packaging, flip chip, and others. The semiconductor packaging industry is expected to expand significantly in the coming years thus boosting the growth of the capillary underfill material market.

The region that is dominating the capillary underfill material market is Asia Pacific region which is followed by Europe and North America. The dominance by the Asia Pacific region will continue in the coming years too. Asia Pacific region is a market that has a wide range of opportunities in terms of revenue.

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The countries that are contributing to the capillary underfill market in Asia Pacific region includes China, South Korea, and Taiwan. The regions such as Latin America and the Middle East and Africa are witnessing a sluggish market growth.

The key market players that are involved in the capillary underfill material market include Zymet, Epoxy Technology Inc., H.B. Fuller, Henkel Ag & Co. Kg, Namics Corporation, Nordson Corporation, Yincae Advanced Material, LLC, Master Bond, and others.

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