4G Speedtest Results By TRAI Revealed: Reliance Jio Tops The List

4G Speedtest Results By TRAI Revealed: Reliance Jio Tops The List

We all are aware what Reliance Jio has done to the telecom world. Its effect is still in the air and we think Reliance Jio is not ready to stop or take a step back. Obviously, no specific or separate introduction is needed as the company has made its name and is in full demand owing to its special offers in not time. There’s a pretty good list, but to mention few Happy New Year free offer, Summer offer and Dhan Dhana Dhan offer are the ones who boosted the overall pace of the company.

Jio is loved by all as it has taken care of not only postpaid customers but also prepaid customers. However, Jio is not loved by other telecom giants as it has become a tough competition for them. And now, official announcement is done by TRAI of the January–March 2017 data. This data states that Reliance’s Jio gives the fastest 4G download speeds. Idea and Bharti Airtel follow the list.

As per the TRAI data that is released recently, the Jio speeds tops the list with almost 17.43 Mbps speed download speeds in the month of January. Conversely, speeds have experienced a slight fall in February with almost 16.49 Mbps speed.

In the month of March, the speeds have again reached heights with almost 18.49 Mbps speed. This brings the average speed in the first quarter to 17.47 Mbps. In contrast, Bharti Airtel reported to have download speeds of 11.25, 10.44, and 9.14, respectively, in the months of January, February, and March, which bring the average to 10.27 Mbps. Surprisingly, Idea ranks second with 11.06 Mbps average speed in the first quarter. This shows that Jio tops the list for the first quarter in India, making it the fastest telecom network.

While Airtel ranks second in list of fastest 4G network in the month of March with 9.14 Mbps speed, Vodafone India gives a close fight with 9 Mbps speed. On the other hand, Idea has come down to fourth place with 8.89 Mbps download speed. It is the world of Internet, and these trends keep on differing every month. And Jio by providing constant speed in the first quarter and left behind the experienced giants such as Airtel and Idea.